Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter School

Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter School


1100 E. Erie Ave.
Philadelphia, PA  19124

Our mission is to effectively serve urban youth in search of a positive school experience in a supportive environment. We are dedicated to offering a quality education while also responding to the non-academic student issues that can have a significant impact on academic and overall emotional and social functioning.

Admission Requirements
Application RequirementsSubmit application and then go through lottery process

Program Notes(Not Available)
Academic Performance
Overall SPR Peer Rank3rd out of 15
Overall SPR Peer Rank(Not Available)
Overall SPR Performance TierREINFORCE
Overall SPR Performance Tier(Not Available)
Performance Tier: AchievementINTERVENE
Performance Tier: Achievement(Not Available)
Performance Tier: ProgressMODEL
Performance Tier: Progress(Not Available)
Performance Tier: ClimateREINFORCE
Performance Tier: Climate(Not Available)
Performance Tier: College & CareerWATCH
Performance Tier: College & Career(Not Available)
Students Who Graduate in 4 Years89%
This is the percentage of a group of students at a school that graduated within 4 years.
College Enrollment Rates69%
School Culture
Student Attendance(Not Available)
This is the average daily attendance at the school – on average, what percent of all the students enrolled at the school are in attendance. We don’t know why students may not be attending the school, but if this is a low number it is likely that teachers may have to spend more time reviewing material that absent students miss, making it harder to move forward in a class.
Attendance(Not Available)
Behavior(Not Available)
School Fit
Total Enrollment608
This tells us the total number of students that attend the school. Use your school as a reference point. Would you like a school that has fewer, more, or about the same number of students in your school?
Black 0%
American Indian / Alaskan 0%
Asian 0%
Filipino 0%
Hispanic 0%
Pacific Islander 0%
White 0%
Two or More Races 0%
This tells us about the racial and ethnic backgrounds of the students that attend the school. Is it important to you that there is diversity in your high school? Are you more comfortable being around other students that have a similar racial/ethnic background as you?
General Information
School TypeCharter
Grades Served9 - 12
School PartnersAPMConcilioLatino Partnership Institute
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Courses Offered
Classes and AcademicsAdvanced PlacementArtBiologyBook ClubCalculusEnglish LiteratureIntensive Learning (IL)Promethean ReaderSpanishTechnology ClubUS History
CTE Courses and Programs(Not Available)
College and CareerBuilding Young Professionals ProgramBuilding Your ProfessionalsCollege 70%Restaurant club
College: Dual Enrollment(Not Available)
SportsBaseballBasketball, BoysBasketball, GirlsBowling, BoysBowling, GirlsRunning/Walking ClubSoccer, BoysSoccer, GirlsSoftballVolleyball
ArtsArt ClubBreakdanceJapanese AnimationLatin Dance/Parade ClubStage CrewStep Team
Media(Not Available)
STEMEnvirothon ClubRobotics Club
Cultural/Ethnic Language ClubsCultural Identity program
Health and WellnessSpa Club
Life and LeadershipAfican American Awareness ClubHumaine SocietyNational Honor SocietyPrinciples action Committee
Parents and CommunityFamily Games ClubOut of School Time
OtherChess ClubMystery Science ClubProm CommitteeTrading Card Game Club