Building 21

Building 21

City Wide Access

2000 N. 7th St.
Philadelphia, PA  19122

Building 21 seeks to reimagine high school to meet the present needs and the future goals of all learners by empowering students to connect with their passions and build agency (skills, capacity and mindset) to impact their world. Building 21 utilizes a competency- based progression model that enables students to evidence their learning in a variety of ways including project-based and blended learning. Building 21 seeks to personalize learning and to connect students with college and career pathways throughout high school.

Admission Requirements
Application RequirementsCity Wide Access programs in Neighborhood Schools don't have admissions criteria but must have enough space. Admission for students outside the neighborhood is based on availability and lottery.

Program Notes(Not Available)
Academic Performance
Overall SPR Peer Rank17th out of 17
Overall SPR Peer RankThis school opened September 2014.
Overall SPR Performance TierINTERVENE
Overall SPR Performance TierThis school opened September 2014.
Performance Tier: AchievementINTERVENE
Performance Tier: AchievementThis school opened September 2014.
Performance Tier: ProgressINTERVENE
Performance Tier: ProgressThis school opened September 2014.
Performance Tier: ClimateINTERVENE
Performance Tier: ClimateThis school opened September 2014.
Performance Tier: College & CareerWATCH
Performance Tier: College & CareerThis school opened September 2014.
Students Who Graduate in 4 Years84%
This is the percentage of a group of students at a school that graduated within 4 years.
College Enrollment Rates(Not Available)
School Culture
Student Attendance86%
This is the average daily attendance at the school – on average, what percent of all the students enrolled at the school are in attendance. We don’t know why students may not be attending the school, but if this is a low number it is likely that teachers may have to spend more time reviewing material that absent students miss, making it harder to move forward in a class.
Attendance(Not Available)
Behavior(Not Available)
School Fit
Total Enrollment382
This tells us the total number of students that attend the school. Use your school as a reference point. Would you like a school that has fewer, more, or about the same number of students in your school?
Black 64.12%
American Indian / Alaskan 0%
Asian 0%
Filipino 0%
Hispanic 30.79%
Pacific Islander 0%
White 0%
Two or More Races 0%
This tells us about the racial and ethnic backgrounds of the students that attend the school. Is it important to you that there is diversity in your high school? Are you more comfortable being around other students that have a similar racial/ethnic background as you?
General Information
School TypeCity Wide Access
Grades Served9 - 12
School PartnersCommunity College of PhiladelphiaEducation Plus HealthMusic Production OrganizationsTemple UniversityYoung Playwrights
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Courses Offered
Classes and AcademicsAdvanced PlacementEnglishGlobal Classrooms including international travelPersonal Finance
CTE Courses and Programs(Not Available)
College and CareerCollege 10%Dual EnrollmentHealth Career
College: Dual Enrollment(Not Available)
ArtsArtDramaMusic programSpoken WordYearbook
Media(Not Available)
STEM(Not Available)
Cultural/Ethnic Language Clubs(Not Available)
Health and Wellness(Not Available)
Life and Leadership(Not Available)
Parents and CommunityAfter School Program
OtherInformation Technology