San Francisco University High School

Deadline for Application: Friday, January 11th, 2019


UHS is a special community, well-known for its challenging academic offerings and intellectual vitality. Our classrooms are full of spirited debate; our labs are spaces for collaborative discovery; and our studios, stages, and playing fields are arenas where we create and compete with passion and purpose. We believe that a lively academic culture, while the foundation of our mission, represents only one facet of an extraordinary school.

One of UHS’s greatest assets is our urban location, allowing us direct access to one of the most vibrant and inspiring cities in the world. San Francisco offers endless ways to enrich our classes and service projects—from studying marine life on Ocean Beach to taking in a new exhibit at SFMOMA to serving lunch at St. Anthony’s to tutoring middle-school students at University’s very own Summerbridge program.

Academic Performance
Students Who Graduate in 4 Years(Not Available)
This is the percentage of a group of students at a school that graduated within 4 years.
College Readiness(Not Available)
This is the percentage of students at a school that scored at least a 21 on the ACT, which demonstrates a higher level of readiness to take college level courses.
Percent of Students Meeting or Exceeding State Standards: English Language Arts / Literacy0%
Percent of Students Meeting or Exceeding State Standards: Mathematics0%
Students Enrolled in Courses Required for UC/CSU Admission0%
Graduates Who Completed All Courses Required for UC/CSU Admission0%
Students Enrolled in AP Courses 0%
School Culture
Support for Academic Learning0%
Knowledge and Fairness of Discipline, Rules and Norms0%
Sense of Belonging (School Connectedness)0%
School Safety
Parents: Feel school grounds are safe0%
Students: Feel school grounds are safe0%
Staff: Feel school grounds are safe0%
School Fit
Student to Teacher Ratio16
This is the average number of students that is in each classroom. Use your current class as a reference point. Are you comfortable learning and contributing in a class this big? Would you prefer a class that has fewer students or more students?
Total Enrollment389
This tells us the total number of students that attend the school. Use your school as a reference point. Would you like a school that has fewer, more, or about the same number of students in your school?
Black 2.83%
American Indian / Alaskan 0%
Asian 23.14%
Filipino 0%
Hispanic 4.11%
Pacific Islander 1.03%
White 56.04%
Two or More Races 12.85%
This tells us about the racial and ethnic backgrounds of the students that attend the school. Is it important to you that there is diversity in your high school? Are you more comfortable being around other students that have a similar racial/ethnic background as you?
School UniformNo Uniforms
This tells us whether this school requires that student wear designated uniforms for attendance.
General Information
School TypePrivate
Application Requirements(Not Available)
Selections(Not Available)
Grades Served9 - 12
Daily Schedule(Not Available)
Courses Offered
A - History / Social Science CoursesAP European HistoryAP United States HistoryAsian Studies 1Asian Studies 2GeographyHistory 1: Non-Western CulturesHistory TutorialLatin American HistoryModern African History through FilmModern Middle EastSouth African HistoryUS HistoryUS History Honors
B - English CoursesEnglish 1English 2English 3English 3 HonorsEnglish 4English 4 HonorsEnglish SeminarEnglish Tutorial
C - Math CoursesAdv Algebra & PrecalculusAP Calculus ABAP Calculus BCAP StatisticsDescriptive StatisticsFinite MathematicsHonors Differential Calculus Inferential StatisticsIntro Chaos Thry/Fract GeoIntro to CalculusLinear AlgebraMath 1 (Algebra)Math 2 (Geometry/Adv. Algebra) HonorsMath 2 (Geometry)Math 3 (Advanced Algebra)Math 5I Calc of Several Variables Mathematics TutorialNon-Euclidean GeometryPre-Calculus BPre-Calculus for Social Sciences Precalculus-A
D - Lab Science CoursesAdv Topics Biol I-A: Hum Physio HonorsAdv Topics Biol I-B: Microbiol HonorsAdv Topics Biol I-C: Molec Bio HonorsAdvanced Topics in Modern ChemistryAdvanced Topics in Physics: Experiments and ApplicationsAP ChemistryAP Environmental ScienceAP Physics C: Electricity and MagnetismAP Physics C: MechanicsBio I-Bio 2: EcologyBio I-Bio 2: MolecularChemistry 1Chemistry 2: Chem in the EnvironmentChemistry 2: Classic ChemistryEnvironmental ChemistryPhysicsPhysics Honors
E - Language CoursesAdv Latin-Selected Topics HonorsAdv. French Seminar HonorsAdvanced Chinese SeminarAdvanced LatinAdvanced SpanishAP French Language and CultureAP LatinBeginning SpanishChinese 1Chinese 2Chinese 3Chinese 5: Adv Chinese SeminarChinese 5I: Advanced Topics in ChineseFrench 2French 3French 4 Adv. Fr. Lang. HonorsHonors Adv Spanish LitHonors Adv Spanish SeminarHonors Chinese LanguageHonors French LitIntermediate SpanishLanguage TutorialLatin 1Latin 2Spanish 4-H: Honors LiteratureSpanish 5I: Seminar TopicsTopics in Spanish Lang & Lit
F - Visual / Performing Arts CoursesActing 1Acting 2Acting 3AP Art HistoryAP Music TheoryAP Studio Art: 2-D DesignAP Studio Art: 3-D DesignAP Studio Art: DrawingArts TutorialBeginning Instrumental MusicCamerataCeramics 2Ceramics 3Chamber OrchestraChorusDrawing & Painting 3 AdvancedDrawing 1Drawing 2Drawing 3Jazz BandJazz ComboJazz EnsemblePainting 1Painting 2: Oil StudioPainting 3Photography 1Photography 2Photography 3Photography 3: Adv ProjectsTechnical Theater 2: Adv ProductioTechnical Theatre 1Theater Production 1Theater Production 2: Adv ProjectsWestern Civ: History of the Arts
G - College Prep CoursesAfricaAmerican LivesAP Computer Science AAP MacroeconomicsAP MicroeconomicsAstronomyComparative Political SystemsEconomic PolicyEconomicsGender in US HistoryHist. Sem: Dictatorship & DemocracyHistory of IdeasHistory Seminar: GlobalizationIntegrated ScienceJAVA ProgrammingJewish History Through LiteratureMarine EcologyMulticultural StudiesPsychologyThe US Since 1945US History Through Film
AP CoursesAP Computer Science AAP MacroeconomicsAP MicroeconomicsAP Music TheoryAP Studio Art: 2-D DesignAP Studio Art: 3-D DesignAP Studio Art: DrawingArt HistoryCalculus ABCalculus BCChemistryEnvironmental ScienceEuropean HistoryPhysics C: Electricity and MagnetismPhysics C: MechanicsStatisticsUS History
Other ClassesDebate ClubNewspaperScientific Discovery Club
College and CareerCollege 10%Investment Club
SportsBadmintonBaseball, BoysBasketball, BoysBasketball, GirlsClub SailingCross Country, BoysCross Country, GirlsFencing, BoysFencing, GirlsField Hockey, GirlsGolf, BoysIntramural Sports LeagueLacrosse, BoysLacrosse, GirlsSoccer, BoysSoccer, GirlsSoftball, GirlsSwimming, BoysSwimming, GirlsTennis, BoysTennis, GirlsTrack and Field, BoysTrack and Field, GirlsVolleyball, Girls
ArtsA Cappella ClubBand/OrchestraClassic Film ClubDance ClubDance Dance Revolution ClubDrama ProductionsLiterary MagazineYearbook
Media(Not Available)
STEMGirls Who CodeSoftware Development ClubThe Green Club
Cultural/Ethnic Language Clubs(Not Available)
Health and Wellness(Not Available)
Life and LeadershipBlack Student UnionKiva ClubStudent Council/Government
Parents and CommunityGender and Sexuality AllianceMiddle East and Beyond Club
OtherAsian Cultural ClubGreen ClubGrilling for Good