Cambridge International Preparatory School

Deadline for Application: Friday, January 11th, 2019


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Our mission is to prepare students to be successful global citizens in college and beyond by fostering creativity, curiosity, collaboration, leadership, responsibility, and integrity in a balanced and comprehensive educational environment encompassing the academic, cultural, physical, and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Academically, our curriculum and recommended course of study exceed the minimum requirements of most major colleges and universities. Technology is incorporated into the curriculum to prepare students for today’s digital world.

Culturally, students are regularly exposed to the fine arts, such as drawing, music, and theatre, both as a part of the academic curriculum and through extra-curricular activities.

Spiritually, we do not require students to be members of any particular religion or church. Instead we provide students with opportunities to think about and seek answers to questions of faith and help them to develop their character in accordance with Christian principles, so that they can make good moral and ethical choices throughout their lives. We emphasize volunteer service to help instill a realization that we need to be active members of the communities in which we live.

Physically, students learn about fitness, teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, and personal responsibility through competitive interscholastic athletics.

Academic Performance
Students Who Graduate in 4 Years(Not Available)
This is the percentage of a group of students at a school that graduated within 4 years.
College Readiness(Not Available)
This is the percentage of students at a school that scored at least a 21 on the ACT, which demonstrates a higher level of readiness to take college level courses.
Percent of Students Meeting or Exceeding State Standards: English Language Arts / Literacy0%
Percent of Students Meeting or Exceeding State Standards: Mathematics0%
Students Enrolled in Courses Required for UC/CSU Admission0%
Graduates Who Completed All Courses Required for UC/CSU Admission0%
Students Enrolled in AP Courses 0%
School Culture
Support for Academic Learning0%
Knowledge and Fairness of Discipline, Rules and Norms0%
Sense of Belonging (School Connectedness)0%
School Safety
Parents: Feel school grounds are safe0%
Students: Feel school grounds are safe0%
Staff: Feel school grounds are safe0%
School Fit
Student to Teacher Ratio25
This is the average number of students that is in each classroom. Use your current class as a reference point. Are you comfortable learning and contributing in a class this big? Would you prefer a class that has fewer students or more students?
Total Enrollment79
This tells us the total number of students that attend the school. Use your school as a reference point. Would you like a school that has fewer, more, or about the same number of students in your school?
Black .4%
American Indian / Alaskan 0%
Asian 94.92%
Filipino 0%
Hispanic .94%
Pacific Islander 0%
White 1.87%
Two or More Races 1.87%
This tells us about the racial and ethnic backgrounds of the students that attend the school. Is it important to you that there is diversity in your high school? Are you more comfortable being around other students that have a similar racial/ethnic background as you?
School UniformSchool Uniforms
This tells us whether this school requires that student wear designated uniforms for attendance.
General Information
School TypePrivate
Application Requirements(Not Available)
Selections(Not Available)
Grades Served6 - 12
Daily Schedule(Not Available)
Courses Offered
A - History / Social Science Courses20th Century History 1AP European HistoryAP Human GeographyAP United States HistoryAP US Government and PoliticsAP World HistoryUS History 1US History 2World History 1World History 2
B - English CoursesCollege Writing Across GenresEnglish 1English 2English 3English 3 HonorsEnglish 4English 4 HonorsEnglish 5English 5 HonorsEnglish 6English 6 HonorsEnglish 7English 7 HonorsEnglish 8English 8 HonorsEnglish Language and CompositionEnglish Literature and CompositionImmersion English
C - Math CoursesAdvanced Algebra 1Advanced Algebra 2Advanced Algebra HonorsAP Calculus ABAP Calculus BCAP StatisticsCalculus 1Differential EquationsElementary Algebra 1Elementary Algebra 2Geometry 1Geometry 1 HonorsGeometry 2Geometry 2 HonorsLinear AlgebraMathematics Analysis 1TrigonometryTrigonometry Honors
D - Lab Science CoursesAP BiologyAP ChemistryAP Environmental ScienceAP Physics 1Biology 1Biology 2Biology HonorsChemistry 1Chemistry 2Chemistry HonorsPhysicsPhysics HonorsPhysiology 1Physiology 2
E - Language CoursesAP Chinese Language and CultureMandarin 1Mandarin 2Mandarin 3Mandarin 4Mandarin 5Mandarin 5H-6HMandarin 6Spanish 1Spanish 2Spanish 3Spanish 4Spanish 5Spanish 6
F - Visual / Performing Arts CoursesAdvanced ChoirAdvanced TheatreAP Studio Art: 2-D DesignAP Studio Art: DrawingBeginning Choir 1Beginning DanceBeginning DramaCeramicsDrawingDrawing 2Graphic Design and Digital ArtIntroduction to Theatre
G - College Prep CoursesAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: CompilersAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Computer GraphicsAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Discrete MathAP Computer Science AAP MacroeconomicsAP MicroeconomicsAP PsychologyConceptual PhysicsCreative Writing 1Economics 1Film and Literature 1Introduction to Computer ScienceMacroeconomicsMicroeconomicsNew TestamentOld TestamentSpeech 1World Religions
AP CoursesAP Chinese Language and CultureAP Computer ScienceAP Computer Science AAP EconomicsAP Human GeographyAP MacroeconomicsAP MicroeconomicsAP PsychologyAP Studio Art: 2-D DesignAP Studio Art: DrawingBiologyCalculus ABCalculus BCChemistryEnglish Language and CompositionEnglish Literature and CompositionEnvironmental ScienceEuropean HistoryPhysics 1US Government and PoliticsUS HistoryWorld History
Other Classes(Not Available)
College and CareerCollege 10%
Sports(Not Available)
Arts(Not Available)
Media(Not Available)
STEM(Not Available)
Cultural/Ethnic Language Clubs(Not Available)
Health and Wellness(Not Available)
Life and Leadership(Not Available)
Parents and Community(Not Available)
Other(Not Available)