About Spark’s High School Pathways Program and the High School Pathfinder

Spark is a Career Exploration and Self-Discovery Program for middle school students. By partnering with our network of diverse communities – like schools and companies – we help students understand, experience and pursue what’s possible for their future.

At Spark, we are leading The Possibility Movement to bring together individuals who care, share, teach and inspire. We use workplace experiences, mentoring and guided support to help students explore careers, build skills and find the right path to a successful future. Learn more at http://sparkprogram.org/.

In addition to Spark Lab and Spark Mentorship, we offer Spark High School Pathways for 8th and 9th graders. This high school transition and support helps students take action and feel equipped with the knowledge and resources to make the possibilities they’ve experienced real by using this online Tool, our Pathfinder.

Preparing students for the critical transition to high school is at the core of Spark’s work. Spark’s interactive online tool, the Pathfinder, helps middle school students explore high school programs in their cities and navigate the application process in a simple and clear way. Students use the Pathfinder to research and find schools that are the right fit.

The Spark Pathfinder provides:
- Personal accounts with access to saved information at any time, from any device
- A suggested list of high school programs that are a good fit based on a student’s interests, school’s performance and location
- School profiles with graduation rates, enrollment, classes, extracurriculars
- The ability to save and refer back to favorite high school programs
- Side-by-side comparison of favorite programs
- An administrator dashboard for insight into student preferences
- The ability to consider personal strengths, areas of growth, and interests and what role they play in future success.

As a result, students:
Are empowered to choose a high school that fits
Become more self-aware and understand the relevance of their work
Are able to prepare for a successful transition by setting high school expectations

Privacy Policy

Spark Program, Inc. (“Spark”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) is an organization that engages communities to provide career exploration and self-discovery opportunities for middle school students through various methods and activities, including Spark’s High School Pathfinder online tool. Spark is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of personal information about our current and prospective students and participants in our programs (“Users” “you” or “your”).

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